about me

I am a hobby enthusiast. I don't have a specific field but love the broad ranges and possibilities of photography. Mostly this results in photos taken while walking around. Thus I can present street and architectural photos. With macro I like the wonders revealing in a world you normally don't even recognize.

But there are also some concept photos and collages, especially my Epic Scale series. The idea is to combine real world sceneries with cosplay costumes and scale miniatures. This project went on for a while and I'm still full of ideas. Time consuming activities like creating the costumes and building the scale miniatures are currently the reason why my output is quite low. No excuse!

Mostly I convert my photos to B&W or I directly shoot analogue B&W film with my old Porst SLR. Here I prefer Ilford HP5 PLUS ISO 400 films. Pre-processing is done both in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

I'm also happy to announce several honorable mentions in different awards like the international photography awards and monochrome awards since 2014 and of course my First Place in the International Photography Awards 2016 in the category Special, Micro, Non-Professional.

Julian Wild
DE-79771 Klettgau

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